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Facts and Figures

Organizational Culture:

1. the customs, rituals, and values shared by the members of an organization;

2. the unique social and psychological environment of an organization

Women make up 45% of the S&P 500 workforce, but only hold 4.3% of CEO roles at S&P 500 companies.


Using phrases such as “a proven track record” in job postings is more likely to attract male applicants, whereas "a passion for learning" is more likely to attract female applicants.

-Fast Company

Employees in high trust environments are 3.3 times more likely to talk about their companies on social media, and twice as likely to express pride in their organizations.

-Social Workplace Trust

An engaged workforce and focus on its individual’s strengths can lead to up to 26% higher revenue per employee.


A healthy workplace environment can cut voluntary turnover rates by ⅔


Companies that make organizational culture a key aspect of their long term strategy experience:

4x faster revenue growth
7x higher employment growth
12x faster increase in stock price
7.5x higher profit growth
7x higher net income growth

-Corporate Culture and Performance, John Kotter and James Heskett