About Us

Sparktures is an organizational design firm. We partner with purpose-driven companies to build the skills, strategies, and solutions necessary to diversify and thrive.

Connecting research to practice, Sparktures utilizes behavioral economics research, the Adaptive Leadership framework, and a proprietary process to empower clients to achieve results.

As a Benefit Corporation, Sparktures is an impact-driven firm and places particular focus on gender equity in the workplace.


The gender leadership gap. Unconscious bias. Discrimination. Harassment. Work/life balance. Building skills, creating strategies, and designing solutions that eliminate these organizational problems is our company’s spark.

There is a misconception that these organizational problems are women’s issues.

In reality, they are everyone’s issues.

They are systemic problems. While they impact women disproportionately, they also affect men, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals. They cripple workplace productivity, retention, and growth. They affect the bottom line, for employees and Excel spreadsheets alike. At the end of the day, the world will be a better place when these problems are reduced and resolved.

In Sparktures’ ideal world, we see…

…purposeful, value-driven organizational cultures – not because purpose and values are marketing tools, but because purposeful, value-driven organizations outperform their peers by a factor of 12.

…more women in leadership positions – not for the photo op, but because we know that companies with greater gender parity on their leadership teams perform better financially.

… companies reducing their employees’ unconscious bias – not because it’s a buzzword, but because our unconscious biases can cloud our ability to recognize powerful potential and unlock valuable ideas.

…more women in tech and other male-dominated industries – not because it’s a cause du jour, but because it makes good business sense.

…discrimination and harassment as non-issues in the workplace – not just because there is a moral imperative, but because there is a human cost and a business cost associated with such behavior.

This is not a static or exhaustive list.

Bottom line: the workplace - and world - becomes better when we design it with equality in mind.

Benefit Corporation

Sparktures is a registered Benefit Corporation. Though we are a for-profit corporate entity, we have legally bound ourselves to creating a material positive impact on society. In addition to financial growth, we are proactively seeking a better world, and we’ve committed ourselves to this double bottom line: doing well and doing good.

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